Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. 

Board of Directors

AJ Moore, Executive Director

AJ Moore has been a leader in Accounting, Tax, Business Development and Financial Literacy for over a Decade in Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. Ms. Moore has dedicated a wealth of resources and time to countless organizations such as S.C.O.R.E., SBA, W.O.R.C., The Enterprise Center, The Welcome Center, Woman’s Way, R.I.S.E. and others in need of a trusted, competent and compassionate advisor on Financial, Business and Community issues. Ms. Moore has also added housing and Community Development to her already impressive list of expertise as she stepped down as a board member of Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. in 2017 to lead the organization as the Executive Director. Ms. Moore immediately evaluated the past structure and the programs of PNHS with the intention of developing relevant programs and initiatives that are aligned with the needs of the community as we see it today.

As the Executive Director of Philadelphia Neighborhood Housing Services, Ms. Moore has been very instrumental in developing relevant programming and resource development for the Organization. She meets daily with community leaders and organizations whose initiatives are aligned with the mission of PNHS. She works tirelessly to serve the community and its diverse needs such as One on One Coaching, Mentoring, Financial Assistance, Tax resolution, Housing issues, Business development, Foreclosure Prevention, Financial Literacy and so much more. She is dedicated to the empowerment of woman and family issues and has personally developed programs and curriculums such as Financialcation in which she holds the Trade Mark rights, registered with the U.S. Trade Mark and Patent Office. Financialcation’s curriculum focuses on improving financial literacy through personal development. AJ has insisted on Financialcation as a pre-requisite to PNHS’s course list.

In the early years, AJ Moore attended PJA Business School earning an Associates Degree in Accounting and Paralegal Studies. She attended Chestnut Hill College with a concentration on Accounting and Business for her Bachelors Degree. Ms. Moore also has several certifications from Thomas Jefferson Law School and she is also an E.A. Candidate with the IRS. Ms. Moore has held or still holds several licenses in Real Estate, Tax, Housing Counselor, Credit Counselor, Health Insurance and automated accounting. AJ is also a licensed Notary in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Michael B. Roepel, President

Shirley Randleman, Vice President

Anthony Macintosh, City of Philadelphia

Kenneth Johnson

Lowell Thomas

Andrew Maloney

AJ Moore, Executive Director